Friday, April 21, 2006

The 9 to 5 Window

From chapter 5 of The 9 to 5 Window – how faith can transform the workplace, by Os Hillman, published by Regal 2005.

On January 23, 2005, Victor Yushenko was sworn in as the president of Ukraine. Following his inauguration, Yushenko invited all Ukrainian Christian denominations to join him in public prayer and blessing for the nation. ‘This is a totally new thing for our nation,’ said Sunday Adelaja, pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All nations, in Kiev, the largest church in Europe. ‘Remember, Ukraine is a former Communist society.’

Yushenko then selected Yulia Timoshenko, a born-again and Spirit-filled believer, as prime minister. At the Oath of Office for the new prime minister on February 3, 2005, President Yushenko again shocked the nation by taking a clear and unprecedented stand against corruption. In his address, Yushenko stated that this government would not steal from the public, would not give or receive bribes and would never use money to shift lobby votes. He promised that he would take full responsibility for the actions of his government and demanded that the principles of openness, transparency and uprightness filter throughout every department and cabinet. ‘No decision should be taken in secret,’ Yushenko said. ‘Everything must be done openly and in public view.’

In her address, Prime Minister Timoshenko made one simple point: ‘Our government has come to the conclusion that Ukraine can never rise on her feet until she bows her knees before Almighty God.’ Shortly thereafter, Timoshenko surprised the members of Parliament by outlining a new program of reform for the nation based upon biblical concepts of national transformation.

When Timoshenko announced the new Ministers of Parliament, ‘We as believers couldn’t help but laugh,’ said Adelaja, ‘because of who was placed at the head of the Ukrainian KGB: Alexander Turshinov. This man, a believer, grew up in a Baptist family during the Communist regime. The top assignment of the KGB at that time was to destroy religion and faith, Baptists and Evangelicals in particular. Now, the head of this dreaded organisation is a man who believes in the very thing they tried to destroy. Yes, God has a sense of humour!’
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