Friday, September 20, 2013

Ballast your heart...

Psalm 119: verse 113 - but thy law do I love.
Ballast your heart with a love to God. Love will, by a pleasing violence bind down our thoughts: if it doth not establish our minds, they will be like a cork, which, with a light breath, and a short curl of water, shall be tossed up and down from its station. Scholars that love learning will be continually hammering upon some notion or other which may further their progress, and as greedily clasp it as the iron will its beloved loadstone. He that is "winged with a divine love" to Christ will have frequent glances and flights toward him, and will start out from his worldly business several times in a day to give him a visit. Love, in the very working, is a settling grace; it increases our delight in God, partly by the sight of his amiableness, which is cleared to us in the very act of loving; and partly by the recompenses he gives to the affectionate carriage of his creature; both which will prevent the heart's giving entertainment to such loose companions as evil thoughts. — Stephen Charnock.

From the additional notes to Charles Spurgeon's The Treasury of David.

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