Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The unbridled tongue, II

Psalm 120:2. Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips, etc. 
In the drop of venom which distils from the sting of the smallest insect, or the spike of the nettle leaf, there is concentrated the quintessence of a poison so subtle that the microscope cannot distinguish it, and yet so virulent that it can inflame the blood, irritate the whole constitution, and convert day and night into restless misery; so it is sometimes with the words of the slanderer.—Frederick William Robertson.

From Charles Spurgeon's The Treasury of David, notes on Psalm 120. 

Another quote from Robertson, which is worth noting: 
"The one great certainty to which, in the midst of the darkest doubt, I never ceased to cling—the entire symmetry and loveliness and the unequalled nobleness of the humanity of the Son of Man."

And another point about Robertson himself: [He] made a careful study of the Bible, committing to memory the entire New Testament both in English and in Greek. That's focus for you, and such memorisation pays off, in the long run. 
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