Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Aimless Travel

I have found aimless travel very helpful....long walks in quiet places, trips by bus or on the train or by car.  We do far too much planning in our lives as it is.  There can be real value in creating open-ended activities and politely asking Jesus to join us as we walk or drive or sit on public transport.  Go nowhere and take him with you.

...make a conscious effort to ask his perspective to inform and inspire you in all situations, including and especially the mundane ones.  Visits to the supermarket, chores in the house, fishing trips, gardening, clubbing, evenings in the pub, meals out, hair appointments, anything and everything that you might do or get involved in. You never know what might happen.  

Adrian Plass, in Blind Spots in the Bible, page 39

'Politely asking Jesus' is typical Plass. 
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