Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Liturgy as Life

We worship God as the ekklēsia; the body of Christ literally comes together on Sunday morning. It is in these moments that we are released from “clock time” and enter into “festival time.” That release is perhaps the most countercultural thing we as a body can do. For it is in this moment that we are affirming not the kingdoms of the world but Jesus’s kingdom. We recognize that Jesus is truly Lord of lords and King of kings. We also recognize that the entire “ordering” of the world that we experience outside of the ekklēsia is a counter-ordering. Yet then we go out into the world to live out the liturgy. We work to become the liturgy in all we do. Like Jesus, we become ministers to all those around us. We represent Christ to the world in the sense that we take the values of the ekklēsia and try to live them out in the world. Our goal is to become a living liturgy each day.

Bruce Ellis Benson
Liturgy as a Way of Life

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