Sunday, January 19, 2014


We begin and end with a faith, not in Jesus simply but in His world work, not simply in His person but in His person’s office, in Him as God’s Son Christ and Redeemer, for good and all, the Conqueror and of a world worse even than we now see, the slow Regenerator of the administration of his purchased property. We begin with the faith in which our own soul calls Him its Saviour from what seems an infinite and hopeless evil. He delivers us from a sin whose guilt lies on our small soul with a pressure from the reservoir of all the high wickedness of the world. It is not from our moral lapses nor from our individual taint that we are delivered, but from world sin, sin in dominion, sin solidary* if not hereditary, yea, from sin which integrates us into a Satanic Kingdom.
From The Justification of God, pages 30-1, by P T Forsyth
* solidary: characterized by or manifesting community of interests and responsibilities [A word often used by Forsyth, though not in general use elsewhere that I know of.]
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