Thursday, February 21, 2013

Art for our times

We cannot make art apart from the time in which we live. We must know what is going on, and understand our environment if we want to understand anything of relevance to our times. We must also know the spirit of the times in order to know where it is wrong and should be challenged and fought.... We can never just follow the past: the battle and means of creativity were theirs, for their own situation. And God, in placing us in another period, has given us our own calling: to be "salting salt" today, to hunger and thirst for righteousness in the here and now.

Hans RookmaakerModern Art and the Death of a Culture

Is Art only to be produced to challenge and fight?  Certainly some art is, but can Rookmaaker's statement be applied to all art in any period?  (Note that one of Rookmaaker's books was called, Art Needs No Justification.)
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