Saturday, February 16, 2013

Calling on the Lord

Verse 5. It is said, I called upon the LORD. Thou must learn to call, and not to sit there by thyself, and lie on the bench, hang and shake thy head, and bite and devour thyself with thy thoughts; but come on, thou indolent knave, down upon thy knees, up with thy hands and eyes to heaven, take a Psalm or a prayer, and set forth thy distress with tears before God. Martin Luther.
John Gill
Verse 5. The LORD answered me, and set me in a large place. It may be rendered, The LORD answered me largely; as he did Solomon, when he gave him more than he asked for; and as he does his people, when he gives them a sufficiency and an abundance of his grace; not only above their deserts, but above their thoughts and expectations. See Eph 3:20. John Gill.

Two writers commenting on Psalm 118:5, recorded in Charles Spurgeon's The Treasury of David.  
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