Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go to Church

So go ahead, join the Eucharistic feast of God. Go to church. Preferably one where you're not being told you're going to hell -- even if you deserve it -- and preferably one that doesn't sing the national anthem at the offertory or demonize Palestinians in a premillennialist sweep. Go to church where God is celebrated as the creator and lord of life, where the good news of God's overflowing love permeates the congregation's understanding of itself and the world. It does not matter whether the preacher is a liberal or an evangelical, a Protestant or a Catholic, an orator or a rock-and-roller, educated or uneducated, as long as hearts and minds are opened to the peace that passes all understanding. Go to church and let the beloved world of God slowly transform your life in compassion, mercy, and grace.

Charles MarshThe Beloved Community
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