Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Critiquing ideology

A good critique of ideology should teach you:
  • How to recognize the signs of an ideology at work. And so often, when you dare to reveal contradictions at work within an ideology, or use a code word differently, you will see an explosion of excess emotion, fear and anger. If you threaten an ideology that people are most comfortable in, it cuts to the core of our deepest fears and angers. Be of with that.* Recognize it at work in yourself.  Be ready to repent.
  • That you cannot directly criticize ideologies. You have to kindly provoke, push the ideology’s absurdities to their extreme to reveal the powers at work. Let people come to their own revealing. Only then can they “traverse” it and be “saved.”
  • That ideologies run on lacks, and antagonisms and fears, the opposite of what should be the body of Christ’s fullness in the Triune God. So whenever we see fear and anger and security driving a discussion in the church, we know that the church itself has succumbed to ideology.
David Fitch in a post entitled Ignore ideology at your peril

* Be of with that.  This is how the sentence appears in the post; I think it's meant to be 'Be ok with that.'
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