Saturday, March 09, 2013

Governmental incompetence

To label entire populations -- or even sections of the globe -- as "enemy" is bad theology, and no government that does so can claim to be operating in any mindful way "under" God. To allow an all-too-human governing body to describe the world for us is to hand over our God-given duty to the likes of a phone book or a demonic stronghold. We have to take our thinking back. The same summons is communicated by Iraqi Christians who publicly pray that American Christians might consider more deeply their understanding of the body of Christ. Does our understanding of this communion move beyond national boundaries when it really counts? Do our imaginations, the way we think about other people, acquiesce to the idolatrous and destructive divisions of nation-states? The defensive distance we maintain between ourselves and the people we see in images of war and deprivation is a deadly construct. The social incompetence of our governments is our incompetence, our work, and our responsibility.

David DarkThe Sacredness of Questioning Everything

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